Since 2016…a sappy thank you for the past 3 years

We recently celebrated our 3rd anniversary here in our Ocean Springs Store. In mid 2016 David and I started talking about opening a store. We discussed this very hypothetically for about 2 months, started more serious planning for about a month, and then boom – we opened the store. To sum it up a series of unexpected events over the year prior to opening led us to this new adventure. We weren’t seeking a change, but it happened and we are grateful. 


My favorite part of the shop, besides being able to work with my husband, is our customers. Many of our customers come in regularly and I really enjoy catching up with them. Our children also gain so much knowledge from our customers – they’ve talked to marine biologists about sharks, missionaries about countries in Africa, recently they learned about splicing large work ropes. If you are one of the customers that have shared your knowledge with our kids  – you should know they always express to us afterwards how interesting and great it was to  be able to learn from you!

So, thank you, for allowing us to be a part of this community and a small part of your life – we appreciate each of you!


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