KeyBar Tools & Accessories



Select from KeyBars Tools & Accessories to customize your keychain.

KeyBar’s titanium fork specially designed for the KeyBar Key Organizer for eating on the go.

KeyBar’s black pen insert for your KeyBar is lightweight and always with you.  

KeyBar’s Mini Utility Tool (MUT) insert so you can be prepared for anything. Features a titanium body and an easy to install/remove steel razor blade. Includes spare blades which can be installed without disassembling your KeyBar.  Tool includes ten replacement blades. Replacement mini utility blades are available at Harbor Freight. Blade can be removed without having to disassemble your KeyBar.

KeyBar’s Phillips Head tool for your KeyBar. Lightweight and light duty Grade 5 titanium phillips head screwdriver tool featuring a stop pin.

The KeyBar aluminum quick key tab connects to a key in your KeyBar Key Organizer to aid in quickly accessing your most used keys. Great for finding your house key in dim light!

Titanium Tweezers insert specially designed for your KeyBar. Perfectly nests along with your keys and sturdy and precise and designed to hold up to years of use.